Visitation to the Nigerian Prison Service, Bauchi State Command

The Foundation for societal empowerment and rejuvenation (FOSER) is a nongovernmental organization, non-religious, non-profit organization with positive goals to support the needy in downtrodden areas. Provide region services and development programs within and outside the community

Approximately 80% percent of the inmates are awaiting trial most of whom have been waiting for their trial for years. Most of the people in Nigeria's prisons are too poor to be able to pay lawyers, and only one in eight of those awaiting trial have private legal representation. Although governmental legal aid exists, there are too few legal aid lawyers for all the cases that require representation. Nigeria’s prisons are filled with people whose human rights are systematically violated.

The sole purpose of this project is to help in advocacy on the reform justice in our prisons 75% percent of Nigeria's inmates have never been convicted of any crime, with some awaiting trial for up to ten years, how most in Nigerian prisons are too poor to afford a lawyer, with only one in eight awaiting trial having access to private legal representation, and how appalling prison conditions, including severe overcrowding, are seriously damaging the mental and physical health of thousands of inmates.

Part of FOSER quarterly schedule of programs targeted in contributing towards addressing detrimental social impact in our society, the organization picked Nigeria prison. Bauchi state as the target range to begin with since Imprisonment disrupts relationships and weakens social cohesion Prisoners should not be isolated from the society, the vast majority of people committed to prison eventually return to the wider society. 


Objectives of the Visitation

  1. Advocacy on fundamental human right reformation
  2. Capacity and morale building
  3. Motivation
  4. Provide them with legal assistance
  5. Secure the bail and release of few prison inmates
  6. Advocacy on the needs to enhance the psychological well-being of Nigeria prison inmate
  7. To facilitate and advocate the policy of prison reform in Nigeria

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