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2018 ― Take-off

In All Northern States of Nigeria



Project Title: Make a Difference



Youth unemployment in the Northern part of Nigerian is a serious issue today. It has even more striking after the economic crisis of 2008 and the monumental corruption of the past 16 years of the PDP increased the unemployment rates in the whole Nigeria. As a rule, the youth unemployment in the North is more or less double to the general unemployment rate in Nigeria. One of the reasons is Lack of practical skills and experience. Volunteering can be one of the solutions for this problem. With this project, together we would like to contribute to increasing employment of young people through volunteering. Promoting a high level of employment is also an important objective of this initiative as the unemployment rate among young and growing adults is significantly higher than for other age groups. We think the Northern Action on Almajiris and Our Most Vulnerable can be a valuable tool to overcome youth unemployment. Because the better employability of youngsters can only be achieved if young people are properly equipped with knowledge, skills and competencies through high-quality, relevant education and training.

 This project is an important non-formal learning experience for young people. This project will provide an opportunity for Thousands of young people from the Northern part of Nigeria to be volunteers and spend several months volunteering and getting national experience across Nigeria, undergoing job and educational training. This opportunity will give to young people, particularly the Almajiris another perspective of their life, raise their self-esteem and self-confidence, contribute to developing their skills and competencies, discover other cultures and increase their future employability. The volunteers involved will be young people with fewer opportunities. We will offer this unique opportunity to young people who are coming from difficult social and cultural backgrounds, with economical or family lacks, with low level of education and almost no job experience.


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Please Quote Project title during Donations. Own this project and contribute to the structural re-education of our youth; We have been accepting donations from N5, 000 upward. Your support will be greatly appreciated and recognized in all the Northern States as a Part Financier of this tasking project of Youth Re-education for the better of our Future. Nothing that you are able to do will be too small, own this, be a part and help us drive this educational initiative.




(Volunteer without Prejudices; The North Without Border)



This Training Initiative aims step involved in the strengthening and increasing of the competencies of participants over local and State volunteer project management, through promotion of Northern Action on Almajiris and Our Most Vulnerable among youngsters in all regions and the North as a whole.

 Objectives are:

  • To build capacities and competence of young people, coming from different Northern States thought training for peer educator’s skills. Basic skills for peer education method of work that will allow participants to transfer the knowledge and information to their peers.
  • To promote tolerance and inclusion of the youth coming from socially excluded and poor groups through different tools of non-formal education, such as sports and games, intercultural workshops, developing group dynamics and learning process, aiming to influence them to become more active citizens in their communities.
  • To fight discrimination, promote tolerance and raising awareness of the difficult situation of young people coming from vulnerable groups, with special focus on Forced Boko Haram recruited youngsters. 
  • To give participants a basic knowledge about all Northern Action on Almajiris and Our Most Vulnerable program and possibilities of what the program offers.
  • To establish a network of young people from different States and enable them to further work in the youth field in the Northern and Nigerian level.


Non-formal education will be the methodology used, including training in the Youth in Action programs. It will include icebreaker dynamics, an association fair, Intercultural learning workshops, presentations on Mobility of Unemployed Youth, presentation of the Youth in Action Programs, working sessions on project management, field visits with volunteers and young entrepreneurs, intercultural evening, open space workshops. Reflection and learning outcome groups will be led every day in order to check together with participants the flow of the project. This Training initiative will take place in all of the Northern States.)

Coordinator: Foundation for Societal Empowerment and Rejuvenation (FOSER) & Professor Iya Abubakar Community Resource Centre Limited

Contact: Abdullahi Salisu Zwall (+2348096517167)

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Intra-societal conflicts are constantly increasing in many parts of the Northern States as well as the entire Northern Region. Facing unemployment and social insecurity wide parts of our societies are thinking and acting xenophobic and discriminating others based on felt or existing disadvantages.

From our perspective, these challenges can only be faced by a successful fight against youth unemployment as a key for solving intra-societal conflicts. Therefore the NAAMV objectives will be communicated and the processes of peaceful coexistence will be realized in the Northern State with special training and empowerment initiative involving over 1000 participants from the Northern States. The objective and aim is to support those working with the target group, namely the unemployed youth, in strengthening their personal, social and professional competence, to share how to stimulate mobility and active participation of unemployed young people, at the same time positively influencing their employability.

The use of non-formal methods as inputs and discussions in plenary sessions, exercises and simulations, thematic working groups and workshops, meetings and the use of open space provides knowledge and understanding. Emphasis is given on exchanging non-formal educational practices and establishing links between the regional partners.


Coordinator: Foundation for Societal Empowerment and Rejuvenation (FOSER) & Professor Iya Abubakar Community Resource Centre Limited

Contact: Sadiq Abdullahi (+2347038737283)

Donations are accepted Nationwide and International Crowdfunding options are activated


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