FOSER believes in the absolute creed of ensuring comprehensive security for all citizens, irrespective of social status. Globally, security is an inalienable right of the commoner.

All over the world, security is an integral aspect of societal harmony. Security provides a necessary ingredient for the successful conduct of the socio-economic affairs of any nation or society. Security is that singular yet vital factor that maintains all of the influences required to move a people towards collective progression and prosperity. Without it, chaos shall be the immediate alternative with all its attendant destructiveness.

When the peaceful atmosphere provided by security is shattered, then a floodgate of toxic complications is released, which erodes sanity and tranquility previously prevalent in society.  One of the major causes of the swift dissolution of security can be attributed directly to those charged with providing and upholding it. Yes, the security personnel charged with maintaining law and order paradoxically end up being the root cause of this dissolution. Explicitly speaking, police brutality.

Police brutality accounts for many reasons perpetuating societal unrest and even upheaval when tempers reach a boiling point. Cruelty in itself is a wrong that needs to be rectified by those chosen to uphold the tenets of justice. So, when a faction of these guardians decides to act in absolute contrast to constituted laws, then Lord Chaos is unleashed on society.

The Foundation for Societal Empowerment and Rejuvenation (FOSER) stands with the citizens of the world is not just condemning all acts of brutality from all quarters of the global village, but vow to fight this injustice via all legal means as recognized by national and international laws.



The FOSER Family.